Are you in need of a dog walker? Do you need to have your pet groomed? Are you looking for a pet sitter? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, We Care For Your Pets is here for you.

We Care For Your Pets offers various pet related services: dog walking, pet grooming, as well as pet sitting services.

Dog Walking Services

When you reach out to us for dog walking services, We Care For Your Pets will pick up your pet at your doorstep at the time most convenient for you. After dog walking, our dog walker will duly return your pet to your home.

Pet Grooming Services

We Care For Your Pets offer pet bathing services, hair and nail trimming for your pets, as well as flea removal removal services.

Pet Sitting Services

We, at We Care For Your Pets, offer two different types of pet sitting services: one where our pet sitter will go visit your home to take care of your pet while you were gone, and another one where you could leave your pet in our pet facility in Ottawa where our pet sitters can watch over them at our very own boarding facility.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now for your pets’ needs – we are open from 8 to 5, daily.