Pet Sitter

Things About Your Dog You Should Let Your Pet Sitter Know

Well-trained and certified pet sitters will most likely know their way around pets.

They should know how to properly brush, feed, and take care of your pet. Great pet sitters also know how to give proper medication to pets, provide first aid needs, and perform CPR to animals in need of it.

But no matter how good your pet sitter is, there are still some important things you need to discuss with them regarding your pet before you leave the two of them together. Even if the pet sitter has extensive experience in taking care of different types of pets, not all dogs are the same – so, each dog’s needs are unique.

One of the most important things you should let your pet sitter know is any medical condition your pet may have. If your pet is recovering from a recent injury, you should also inform the pet sitter about this. This way, the pet sitter knows the things they need to avoid, like extremely long walks with your dog.

If your dog has mental health conditions such as anxiety, you should also tell the pet sitter about it. Tell your pet sitter what triggers your pet’s anxiety and what makes your dog calm down.

Along with the information on your dog’s medical condition, you should also let your pet sitter know if there are any medication your pet needs to take. Inform the pet sitter of the proper dosage, how to administer the medication, and the schedule to be followed in giving your pet the medication.

Your dog’s daily routine should be shared to the pet sitter. Sticking to the daily routine even when you’re away will minimize the chances of your dog having some behavioral issues.

Inform your pet sitter about the things you don’t allow your dog to do, too. This way, your pet will remain disciplined even when you’re not at home.

If they will be starting overnight with your sitter, they should also be aware of their sleeping arrangements. if you can find a great pet sitter who will mimic their usual sleeping arrangements that will be the best for your pet and help them feel the most secure and comfortable. Delta Pet Care is a local service that does juts that.