Walking Your Cat

Walking Your Cat

Most of the time, when we hear someone talking about the pet they are walking, we immediately think they are talking about their dog. While dog walking is definitely more common than cat walking, walking your cat can be a good idea, too.

Just as walking your dog will improve your dog’s health and mood, walking your feline pet can also impact your cat’s health in a positive way.

However, it’s important to note that not all cats will be okay to cat walking.

Therefore, if you want to try and walk your cat, you have to be extremely patient as your pet tries to learn and be comfortable with the idea of a harness attached to them while walking. And, you have to open your mind to the possibility that even if you took your time in making your cat feel comfortable with cat walking, they might still not like it in the end – you have to be okay with that.

Harness is one of the most important tool you will need in walking your cat. A harness will be a lot safer than a leash when you’re attempting to walk a cat.

After choosing a harness that fits your cat, make your cat get accustomed to the feeling of wearing it indoors. Let your cat roam around your house and go about their day wearing the harness. This process could take days or even weeks, but remember: give your cat time to be accustomed to it.

Once you feel that your cat is totally comfortable wearing the harness, it’s time to take the next step. But, keep in mind that many cats get frightened easily so it’s best to take your pet first for a walk around an area that’s not too crowded and not too noisy.

Then, once you are in an ideal walking spot, let your cat walk on its own, letting it take the lead. Give them enough space to walk freely while making sure they stay close enough by holding on to the leash.

Never leave your cat alone outside because dogs might pass by and attack your pet. If you need to go inside an establishment, carry your cat with you.